Product Description

Wellington boots for dogs? What’s not to love? Wagwear’s WagWellies are made from 100% rubber which is perfect for puddle jumping dogs to stop them from getting wet. Wagwear’s patent design means that these are super easy to slip on and off of your dog’s feets whilst still protecting them from the weather. The study design is complemented by the bright colours to choose from. If dogs had a fashion week these would be featured. 

What we liked about Wagwear WagWellies

  • The bright bold colours that are available really make your dog stand out when wearing them. Definitely a fashion statement. 
  • The snug fit of the boots might seem that they look tight but this is to make sure they don’t fall off while your dog’s running around with the zoomies. 
  • That they are made from 100% rubber so you know that the material is going to last and withstand everything your dog throws at them. 

Additional Information

Delivers To
Australia Wide
Yellow, Brown, Red, Purple, Black, Navy, Green, Orange
From XXS to XXL

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