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Looking for the perfect bed for your canine friend but aren’t sure which type of bed to choose? Our experienced team of testers have researched and compared the best dog beds available for delivery in Australia to save you the effort of wading through the hundreds of options available. Browse and compare our curated list of dog beds below, we have tried to include one of every bed type to cater for any situation.

Amy Cheers

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Amy Cheers
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Amy is no stranger to animals. Growing up in the rural Lake District England, she and her family were always rescuing and adopting animals whether it was nursing a hedgehog back to life, taking in a litter of kittens, or saving Shetland ponies, she has always had a love of animals. After finishing her studies and travelling for a couple of years, she found her base between Bali, Indonesia and Sydney, Australia, where her rescue stories continued. As a solo rescuer, (with over 70 dogs rescued and rehomed under her belt) she wanted to deep dive into animal behaviour techniques, nutrition and ways to give animals the best out of this life. She has four rescued dogs at home who just love getting pampered and being guinea pigs to try the latest chew, bandana, or dog food.

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Chris Hamlin
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Chris is an experienced pet owner and currently dog parent to the one and only Finnley. A three year old Bordoodle. Chris has tried and tested a wide range of dog products and providers in search for the best quality and value for money. He shares these findings with you.

Updated November 22, 2023
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How to Choose a Dog Bed

Choosing a dog bed for your furry friend can be a bit daunting, as you want to make sure you get one that you and your dog both like and that your dog can happily use.

Factors to consider choosing a dog bed

Not every type of dog bed is suitable for all dogs, it’s important to consider these key factors when choosing a bed to ensure your dog has a comfortable sleeping arrangement.

1. Your dog’s age and size

Your dog should have enough room to stretch out while still fitting in the bed. It’s a common mistake for owners to purchase a bed that’s too small assuming their dog will always want to curl up into a ball when sleeping. Also consider your dogs age and health, if your dog is elderly or has joint problems, an orthopedic solution will help with better support and comfort.

2. Sleeping Style

If you want to know if your dog prefers an open bed, bolsters, or raised edges, watch how they sleep. If your dog likes to curl up in a ball, then a circular or oval-shaped bed is a good choice for that cosy feel, whereas if they like to sprawl out, then a larger square or rectangle shape would be better.

3. Material & Durability

If your dog tends to be destructive, seek out materials that are strong, resistant to chewing, and have reinforced stitching. If your dog spends a lot of time outside in the mud then look for dog beds that have removable covers that are machine-washable for easy cleaning and upkeep. Dogs with allergies may benefit from a bed made from hypoallergenic materials.

4. Price

Consider your budget, but we generally recommend putting quality and your dog’s unique demands before price. If you’re unsure of what type of bed your dog prefers or if they may chew or destroy the bed, then it may be worth first considering cheaper options before investing in a premium dog bed. You can also get help making an informed choice by reading online reviews and asking for recommendations.

Types of dog beds

There are various types of dog beds available to cater to different preferences, needs, and sizes of dogs. Here are some common types:

Orthopedic Dog Beds

Orthopedic mattresses are usually made of firm foam and specialise in providing support to reduce joint aches and pains, these are different to memory foam beds that conform to your dog’s shape. Dogs with arthritis, joint pain, or advanced age can greatly benefit from the support and comfort that orthopedic dog beds offer.

Orthopedic dog beds are a significant investment so it’s important to know your dog’s preferences and sleeping style before purchasing. To ensure that the spine and joints are properly aligned, select the appropriate size and shape for your pups needs.

Orthopedic dog bed example

Cooling Dog Beds

Usually made of breathable fabrics or memory foam combined with cooling gel, these beds disperse heat and offer pets a comfortable surface. These beds are ideal for active dogs that struggle to cool down, in summer and warm weather.

Dogs with thicker coats or that are overweight may also benefit from the cooling properties and materials to ensure they get proper rest all year round.

Cooling dog bed example

Indestructible Dog Beds

Indestructible dog beds are made to resist even the most determined chewers and diggers. These sturdy dog beds are made from chew-proof materials that can include heavy-duty canvas, nylon and other thick materials.

A lot of tough dog beds also avoid zips and velcro as these present weak points for your dog to destroy. There are multiple brands the specialise in chew proof dog products that are worth considering although reviews from owners are the best way to determine quality.

indestructible dog bed example

Memory Foam Dog Beds

Memory foam dog beds are designed with your dog’s comfort in mind. The viscoelastic foam conforms to the dog’s body, supporting and cushioning joints and muscles.

The ultimate in comfort for dogs who love a cosy place to sleep, memory foam beds relieve pressure points and are especially beneficial for senior dogs or dogs suffering from arthritis and hip dysplasia.

Memory foam and orthopedic dog beds have a high crossover in similarities, it’s important to do your research and ask your vet for advice as to whether a more firm or softer memory foam dog bed is required.

memory foam dog bed example

Outdoor Dog Beds

Outdoor dog beds have weather-resistant construction to withstand wetness, UV radiation, and whatever else mother nature may throw at it. 

Outdoor beds are usually raised off the floor to protect your dog from the cold floor and can be made of weather-resistant materials like sturdy canvas or waterproof nylon.

outdoor dog bed example

Is an expensive dog bed worth it?

God bed premium

Generally speaking, it pays to invest in a dog bed. For your pet, especially older canines, a high-quality dog bed offers the necessary support and comfort. In addition to offering a defined resting area and insulation against hot or cold floors, it also helps keep your house cleaner and can improve your dog’s behavior by teaching him or her boundaries and security.

A sturdy, well-made dog bed is an investment that will pay off in the long run by preventing health problems like pressure sores and calluses and, ultimately, improving your dog’s general wellbeing.

Advantages of a low cost dog bed

For pet owners on a budget, cheaper dog beds can provide a number of benefits, including:

Advantages of a premium dog bed

There are a number of benefits to purchasing a high-end dog bed that may make the increased initial expense worthwhile:

Sleep health & requirements for dogs

How much sleep do dogs need?

Like us, dogs need enough sleep to keep their bodies and minds healthy. Their immune system, metabolism, and cognitive abilities all benefit from sleep. While adult dogs sleep 12-14 hours a day on average, puppies and senior dog sleep patterns vary with puppies sleeping less and night and senior dogs having deeper sleep with less waking. To read more about your dog’s sleep health and signs they need more sleep visit the Sleep Foundation page on dog sleep here.

Inadequate sleep has been linked to behavioural problems such as agitation and difficulty focusing. If you feel that your dog is not getting enough sleep, it may be worth a vet visit to find out more.

Furthermore, sleep is essential to a dog’s development and growth. Promoting a healthy sleep pattern in your pet buddy requires creating a regular sleep schedule and creating a cosy sleeping space. Dogs who get regular exercise and mental stimulation also sleep better at night.

Tips to improve your dogs sleep

There are multiple ways you can help your dog sleep better that are somewhat similar to improving your own sleep:

  • Setting a regular sleep schedule
  • Sleeping alone in their own bed
  • Having the right bed comfort and size
  • Dark, quiet and safe sleeping area
  • Daily exercise and mental stimulation
  • Counterbalance stress and over stimulation with downtime in a safe place

Dog Bed FAQs

This depends on your dog’s own preference for comfort. Dogs have their own personalities, and the type of bedding best suited for your dog can only be determined by observing their behavior on different surfaces.
Yes, you should wash your dog’s bed regularly, depending on their activities and the bed’s odor. Check the care instructions on your dog’s bed and dry thoroughly to maintain a hygienic sleeping arrangement for your dog.
The best dog bed shape depends on your dog’s sleeping habits. If they enjoy curling up to sleep, then an oval shaped bed would be best, but if they like to stretch out, then opt for a rectangle shaped one.
Yes, a bed provides a safe, comfortable place for your dog to relax. A bed protects your dog from cold floors and can give your dog a sense of security having a bed of their own.