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If you have a furry canine friend that you love to treat but don’t have the time to visit pet stores to find the right toys and treats, monthly dog subscription boxes are your answer. No matter where you are located in Australia or whether your dog is a chewer or loves the treats, there is a dog subscription box perfect for you.

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Chris Hamlin
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Chris is an experienced pet owner and currently dog parent to the one and only Finnley. A three year old Bordoodle. Chris has tried and tested a wide range of dog products and providers in search for the best quality and value for money. He shares these findings with you.

Updated December 5, 2023
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    Do you have an avid chewer at home that seems to go through every toy you buy? BullyMake have the best and most durable dog toys available in their subscription box.
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    The most customisable dog subscription box available in Australia. Whether you are looking for treats chews or accessories Olly's box has you covered.
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    Just want treats? Or just want toys in your subscription box? Ugly Box have the most variety when it comes to choosing a subscription box that suits your dog.
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    Whatever your dogs preference- treats, chews, or toys- Waggly have the perfect subscription box for them.
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What Is a Dog Subscription Box?

A subscription box for dogs is a recurring service that sends customers a carefully chosen assortment of things for dogs on a regular basis, typically once a month. Treats, toys, accessories, grooming supplies, and occasionally even training aids are all common contents of these boxes. Pet owners desire an easy way to find and test emerging products for their dogs; therefore, the contents of the box are often surprising.
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Types of Dog Subscription Boxes

There are several varieties of dog subscription boxes available, each meeting a different set of requirements and preferences for dogs. The following are some typical types of dog subscription boxes:

Toy boxes

The goal of these boxes is to provide dogs with a wide selection of toys. Toys can be anything from interactive toys to chew toys to soft toys and more. Certain boxes might accommodate particular play styles or size preferences.

Snack boxes

Treat or snack boxes are made to give dogs treats on a monthly basis. These can be a variety of delectable and healthful snacks, such as dental chews, jerky, or biscuits. Certain subscription services could include treats that are adapted to meet dietary needs or accommodate allergies.

Bully boxes

Providing dogs with bully sticks or other natural chews is the main purpose of bully boxes. Dogs who like to chew can use boxes like this, which can also aid in maintaining dental health.

Wellness boxes

The goal of these boxes is to enhance dogs’ general health and wellbeing. They might contain things like vitamins, grooming supplies, and other things for overall well-being.

Training boxes

Treats, interactive toys, and training manuals are sometimes included in these boxes to help dog owners teach their pets new skills or reward excellent behaviour.

Combination boxes

These subscription boxes combine toys, treats, and other things into a single package, allowing your dog to try a bit of everything.

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How to Calculate If You Are Getting Value for a Dog Subscription Box

In order to determine the worth of a dog subscription box, you must compare the box’s purchase price to the retail value of the contents.

Here are some things to help you decide:

Box price: First, find out how much the subscription package will cost each month. The monthly payment for the carefully chosen things for your dog is this amount.

Value of Items: Examine what’s in the box and determine how much each item retails for. Given that values could differ depending on brands and product quality, further investigation may be necessary.

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Here are some ballpark figures for some typical items you can get in a subscription box:

  • Small plush toy- $7-$15
  • Large Plush toy- $15-$35
  • Chewable toy- $4-$35- depending on size, style and brand
  • Puzzle feeder toys- $10-$70- whether manual or electronic
  • A small bag of treats- $4-$10- depending on what ingredients are used
  • Balls- $3-$45- from tennis balls to longer durability balls
  • Accessories- $5-$30- from bowties to booties
  • Dental chews – $5-$18
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Retail value total: Calculate and add up the retail prices of every item in the box. This provides you with the contents’ total retail value.

Sales or discounts: Take into account any exclusive products, special offers, or discounts that might be included in the membership package. These may raise the total value.

Dog’s preferences: Determine whether the contents of the package suit your dog’s requirements and preferences. The value of the products lies not only in their monetary worth but also in your dog’s happiness with them.

Quality: Be sure to consider the products’ quality. Since they may be more enduring and beneficial for your dog’s health, premium toys and treats may be more expensive.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Dog Subscription Box

There are a few things to take into account when selecting a dog subscription box to make sure it fulfills the requirements of both you and your pet. There are four key considerations to make:

Your Dog’s Size and Preferences

Take your dog’s breed, age, and size into consideration. Certain breeds of dogs may fit better in certain boxes, while larger dogs or particular breeds may be the focus of others. Consider your dog’s food limits and preferences. Some subscription boxes include toys and snacks that are catered to certain tastes, dietary requirements, or allergies.

Quality of Products

Analyse the products’ quality that are included in the subscription box. Premium toys and treats not only make your dog happier, but they are also safer. Seek out packaging with well-known and reliable names. Look at reviews to judge the consistency and calibre of the products supplied.

Subscription Cost and Value

Examine how much each subscription box costs and the value that each one provides. Think about how often the boxes are sent and how much each box costs altogether. Certain boxes offer a greater overall value by including a variety of items such as toys, snacks, grooming supplies, and accessories.

Service and Flexibility

Prompt and efficient resolution of any problems or queries is a guarantee of good customer service. Seek out subscription boxes that allow you to customise them to your dog’s specifications and change them as needed.

Pros and Cons of Dog Subscription Boxes

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Pros of Dog Subscription Boxes

Cons of Dog Subscription Boxes

The Best Dog Subscription Boxes in Australia

The best dog subscription boxes in Australia provide a variety of toys, treats, and grooming products. We have collected solutions with plans that may be customised to guarantee a range of high-quality items appropriate for the size, age, and tastes of your dog.

The best for price

The cost of a pet subscription box can have an affect on your decision making. We think Ollybox is the best for the price, starting at only $39 a month.

The best toy box

The best dog toy subscription box in Australia has to be from Pet Circle and their Curious Boxes. Changing every six weeks, these boxes will provide a selection of different plush and interactive toys for dogs of all ages and sizes.

The best for chewers

If you need a dog toy subscription for heavy chewers, have a look at Waggly. They have a special Power Chewer box, especially for the pups that need more durable treats and toys.

The best for combinations

One of the best monthly subscription boxes for an all round customised box for your dog is Pawfect Surprise. They have three boxes to choose from: treats, toys, and pampering your pup.

The best for treats

Don’t let the name fool you Ugly Box has one of the best dog treat subscription boxes around. Allowing your dog to have up to four choices from the brands you love as well as locally produced treats.

Dog Subscription Box FAQs

The convenience, surprise, and financial savings that come with monthly dog boxes can make them worthwhile. They save time by delivering a selection of toys, snacks, and accessories right to your door and introducing your dog to new items.

Yes, there are subscription boxes for puppies made especially for small dogs. To meet a puppy’s developmental needs, these boxes usually contain training aids, treats, and toys that are age-appropriate. They give puppy parents an easy method to choose appropriate supplies and have fun teaching their new pets.