OzWit All-Terrain Dog Boots

OzWit All-Terrain Dog Boots

Product Description

After almost fifteen years, Oz Wit are proud of their outdoor camping products and decided that all of the family should join on that outdoor trip and that’s when their dog shoe line was born. 

Their Oz Wit shoes are perfect for any dog that enjoys taking long walks and going on an adventure. Their dog shoes shield your closest companion’s paws from getting burned by the hot tar and concrete and also shield them from those annoying burs when out exploring the bush. 

The shoes are super flexible so your dog can run wild and you can be sure that the sturdy sole can support them. Hiking up a trail will be easy for your furry friend. They have sizes from size 1-8 for the smallest to the largest of dogs with two available colours black and red to choose from. 

They ship all over Australia and provide a same day or next day delivery system so if you are planning a last minute weekend holiday with the family you can rest assured that your dog’s feet will be covered.

Additional Information

Delivers To
Australia Wide
Red, Black
From 1 to 8

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