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Dog food subscriptions are one such trend that is becoming more and more popular. This service provides a hassle-free method of guaranteeing that your pet eats a healthy, balanced meal on a regular basis, all you have to do is compare dog food subscriptions below and order online.

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Updated November 19, 2023
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How do dog food subscriptions work?

Dog food subscription services are quite easy to navigate. They are there to provide you with convenient and consistent fresh dog food delivery directly to your doorstep.

When ordering your dog food subscription, there will be a number of factors to consider to help you decide on the best dog food subscription for your needs. A few things you will have to consider can include:

  • Your dog’s breed, size, age, and dietary requirements
  • Flavour and ingredients
  • Frequency of delivery
  • Auto-shipment and re-ordering
  • Quantity of fresh dog food

Types of Dog Food Subscriptions Available

Dog food subscriptions come in a variety of forms to suit a range of dietary requirements, lifestyles, and tastes. These are a few typical kinds:

Raw dog food subscription

In order to replicate a dog’s natural diet in the wild, many people opt to feed their dogs a raw diet. This diet is made up of uncooked and minimally processed components. There are many advantages of raw dog food which include better dental hygiene, higher energy levels, and better coat health.

Fresh and wet dog food

It usually contains only real fruits, vegetables, and meats and is free of artificial tastes, colours, and preservatives. Furthermore, wet dog food is moist and velvety, and precooked and canned to preserve freshness.

Dry dog food

Kibble is a practical and well-liked variety of dog food that is made out of bite-sized, dry pellets or biscuits. Dry dog food can show many benefits for convenience, storage, and oral health. Hence, making this one of the most popular varieties of dog food.

It should be noted that making decisions on what your dog should eat needs to be consulted with your vet. Careful observation of your dog’s health and wellbeing is essential when choosing the best dog food subscription for your animals. AAFCO and/or FEDIAF, should be followed when the dog food subscriptions services create the dog food. Please check this when ordering your dog food.

Are Dog Food Subscriptions Worth it?

For many pet owners, especially those who value convenience and want to guarantee a steady supply of high-quality dog food, dog food subscriptions can be worthwhile. Before choosing a subscription service, you should thoroughly consider your dog’s demands as well as the offerings of that particular service.

Which Is the Best Dog Food Subscription in Australia?

Choosing the best dog food subscription for you can not be easy as there are so many different types available for you and your pet. You should always consult with your vet before changing your dogs diet.

The Best Raw dog food subscription services

1. Raw & Fresh

With their dog food subscription services, you can easily receive Raw & Fresh pet food delivered to your house on a regular basis without having to worry about missing meals. They provide an adaptable, personalised subscription service to receive Raw & Fresh on a regular basis. It’s never been simpler to give your pets the healthiest, most physiologically suitable food possible.

2. Raw K-9

Raw K-9 sets itself apart with a painstaking process for creating customized raw meals for your pets. They skillfully blend the freshest ingredients each week to prepare meals that are specifically catered to the demands of your pet friends. And they are 100% raw perfect if you want your dog to go back to ther natural eating habits.

The Best Fresh dog food subscription services

1. Lyka

With the greatest locally and sustainably sourced produce, Lyka’s team of board-certified veterinary nutritionists creates delicious meals. In order to maximize nutritional absorption and provide dogs with real food goodness, Lyka meals use temperature-enhanced nutrition.

2. Caboodle

They’ve carefully chosen seven dog food subscription boxes so that your dog can enjoy a range of flavors and textures. Every week or month, a box full of delectable treats, including treats, chews, and wet and dry food, is sent right to your house.

The Best Dry dog food subscription services

1. Scratch

Produced and domestically sourced in Australia, Scratch uses ingredients from regional suppliers, making up 97% of its composition. Developed in collaboration with an animal nutritionist, Scratch is designed to provide 100% comprehensive nutrition for all life stages. Incorporating diverse DHA-rich oils, it enhances the coat of senior dogs and promotes cognitive development in puppies. Scratch Healthy Kibble, a natural, high-fiber dog food, aids in digestion and reinforces the immune system.

2. Fetched

Produced by Fetched, the Pawpack Kibble is a filler-free option available for convenient delivery to your doorstep. The packaging is 100% recyclable and biodegradable, customizable to meet your dog’s specific preferences. Crafted from human-grade ingredients, with a focus on locally sourced superfoods in Australia, the packs predominantly feature kangaroo and lamb, providing essential amino acids to enhance your dog’s well-being.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Dog Food Subscriptions?

Pros of Dog Food Subscriptions

Cons of Dog Food Subscriptions

What are some essential Nutrients for Dogs

Dogs require a balanced diet, just like humans, to maintain optimal health, coat, and teeth. There are six main groups that these foods can be organised into:


Protein is necessary for the following vital body processes: supporting the immune system; preserving and mending cells and other tissues (such as skin, muscle, bone, and hair). producing enzymes, hormones, and antibodies. Dogs need 22 amino acids to make the proteins they need to survive, since amino acids are the building blocks of proteins.


These safeguard internal organs, control body temperature, and support a robust neurological system. Dogs may experience dry, itchy skin and dull coats if their fat levels are too low.


A dog’s major supply of glucose, or energy, comes from carbohydrates, which are also its main fuel source. Dogs can survive without carbohydrates, but they do benefit from them because they are a good source of vitamins, minerals, and fibre.


A mature dog’s body mass is composed of 70–80% water. Water is essential to the body for many functions, including temperature regulation, food digestion, waste elimination, and the dissolution and transportation of nutrients to cells.


These are vital for your dog’s growth and well-being and play several important roles in their diet. These are the vitamins needed for a dog’s diet:

  • Vitamin A: for vision, immune function, skin
  • Vitamin D: for calcium absorption and bones
  • Vitamin E: is an antioxidant
  • Vitamin K: important for healthy blood function


Similar to vitamins, minerals play a number of important roles in a dog’s diet. These are the minerals needed for a dog’s diet:

  • Calcium:  for bone and tooth health
  • Phosphorus: for bone health
  • Potassium: for nerve and muscle function
  • Sodium: for fluid balance
  • Magnesium: for muscle and nerve function

Dog Meal Delivery FAQs

Select a premium commercial dog food that has meat as the primary ingredient. Seek a balanced formula that addresses the individual requirements of your dog, taking into account aspects such as size, age, and overall health. See your veterinarian for tailored advice regarding the particular needs of your dog.
Premium dry dog food can be a handy and healthy choice. It has a longer shelf life, offers vital nutrients, and supports dental health. Check that the brand you select satisfies your dog’s unique dietary requirements, and consider seeking advice from your veterinarian for tailored suggestions.