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Are you looking for a personalised dog harness to match your personality and your dog’s? Look no further, we have you sorted!  We’ve gathered some of the best Australian dog brands to find you a selection of different styles of harness with the added extra to personalise them. Wherever you are located in Australia and whatever breed of dog you have, we have got you covered.

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Chris Hamlin
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Chris is an experienced pet owner and currently dog parent to the one and only Finnley. A three year old Bordoodle. Chris has tried and tested a wide range of dog products and providers in search for the best quality and value for money. He shares these findings with you.

Updated December 5, 2023
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What Are Personalised Dog Harnesses?

Personalised dog harnesses are customised canine accessories designed to fit a dog comfortably while featuring unique details. The owner’s chosen design components, the dog’s name, and contact details are frequently incorporated into these harnesses.

Personalisation may be both fashionable and useful, and it lends a unique touch. This kind of harness is useful for walking and control, but it also lets pet owners express their creativity and give their animals a stronger feeling of who they are.


Why Do Dogs Need a Harness?


Harnesses are beneficial to dogs for a variety of reasons. First of all, harnesses protect the neck and throat from tension and potential injury from pulling or abrupt movements. They help with training and reduce the chance of escape by providing improved control during walks. In particular, smaller breeds that are more susceptible to tracheal damage need to wear harnesses.

A personalised dog harness and lead will also ease discomfort and lower the chance of respiratory problems by distributing pressure over the shoulders and chest. Dogs with neck or respiratory issues also require them. In general, harnesses improve both the owner’s and the dog’s control and offer a safer and more compassionate method of training and managing both.

Types of Dog Harnesses

Dog harnesses come in various types, each serving specific purposes. Understanding these types helps find the perfect fit for your dog’s needs.


This type of harness discourages pulling and offers excellent control because the leash attachment is located on the back. Perfect for dogs that behave properly.


This type of leash fastens at the front, emphasising the handler to the dog and deterring pulling. Amazing for dogs who tend to pull.


Combining both front and rear clips, the dual-clip or no-pull harness provides flexibility for control and training-especially with dogs that are in training or have a tendency to pull.


The Step-In Harness is a user-friendly device that is intended to be stepped into and then secured. Perfect for dogs who might not enjoy having a harness put over their head.


A harness that resembles a vest and typically provides better support and coverage. Ideal for small breeds and those experiencing breathing problems.


Shaped like the letter “H” and encircles the neck and chest. Provides strong control and is frequently applied to smaller breeds.


When Should I Consider Getting a Personalised Dog Harness?

A personalised harness guarantees a good fit and comfort if your dog has an odd body shape, health concerns, or behavioural problems. If you love matching your dog with their personalised dog collar then you should invest in a personalised dog harness and leash set too. Plus, a custom name dog harness can improve safety and control if you run, hike, or do other similar activities. Tailored solutions provide a customised approach for maximum utility and health, meeting your dog’s specific needs.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Personalised Dog Harness

It’s important to carefully examine your dog’s size, activity level, breed-specific demands, and any other special requirements when selecting a tailored dog harness. Here are some factors to consider.

Size and Fit

Make sure the harness fits the breed and body type of your dog properly. A properly fitting harness should fit your dog snugly without being too tight, allowing for easy movement.

Material and Durability

Think about the harness’s materials. It should be strong but also sufficiently supple to avoid chafing or irritation. If your dog is active or pulls during walks, look for high-quality fabrics and strong hardware. Long-term use is ensured by a sturdy harness.


Consider the various possibilities for customisation. Pick a design that not only expresses your personal taste but also contains necessary details like your phone number and the name of your dog.


When your dog grows or if modifications are needed, use a harness with adjustable straps for a secure fit. Simple features like quick-release buckles make it easier for you and your dog to put on and take off the harness.

Pros and Cons of Personalised Dog Harnesses

Therapy Dog
Personalised dog harnesses offer tailored solutions for comfort and control, addressing individual needs. Here are some pros and cons to think about.

Pros of Personalised Dog Harnesses

Cons of Personalised Dog Harnesses

The Best Personalised Dog Harnesses in Australia

We have combed through different brands available in Australia for a personalised dog harness and leash set that tops the charts above the rest. Here are some of the best personalised dog harnesses available.

The best harness for price


A pair of removable velcro patches imprinted with your dog’s name and/or phone number is included with every personalised dog harness they sell, adding an extra layer of security. These are the most reasonably priced custom dog harnesses available in Australia.


The best harness for luxury

ID Pet

Their bespoke soft back harnesses are the first Australian-made, interchangeable, adjustable, and custom dog harness with name section. Features a range of rich designs and prints for your dog, as well as totally customisable, replaceable chest pieces, adjustable straps, and a d-ring for attaching to a lead.

The best harness for pullers


Breathable, robust, and strong material with bespoke identification on both sides. The no-pull harness ensures that you no longer injure your dog’s neck or cause them any suffering.


The easiest to put on


The Pawezy Easy Fit Harness only takes two seconds to put on and take off thanks to the easy one-click release buckle and completely adjustable straps. Your dog may enjoy comfort without worrying about chafing, skin irritation, or neck pain thanks to our no-choke design, inner padded breathable mesh, and quality soft-touch nylon webbing.


Personalised Dog Harnesses FAQs

In order to ensure a flawless fit, personalised dog harnesses are made to your dog’s exact specifications. In case your dog has unusual body proportions or health issues, this can be quite important for comfort.

Measurements for the girth (around the chest), neck circumference, and occasionally the length from neck to tail are usually required.

It is possible to make custom harnesses for any breed. They are especially helpful for breeds whose bodies are unusually shaped or large, making them difficult to fit into traditional harnesses.