Spark Paws

Flex Shell Water-resistant Dog Boots

Flex Shell Water-resistant Dog Boots

Product Description

This comfortable dog boot from Spark Paws will shield your dog’s paws from mud, salt, snow, and rough surfaces. They also shield against dangerous chemicals, mud, salt, snow, and sharp terrain. There are four boots in each set with the outside of the boot resistant to water, and the inside made of soft microfleece for comfort. Making sure the shoes don’t fall off walks is ensured by the double velcro straps and toggle and long-lasting rubber PVC sole for safety and grip for all surfaces. 

What we liked about Spark Paws Flex Shell Water-resistant Dog Boots

  • The reflective Velcro straps that give a further protection layer when walking at night or in low light. 
  • The song guide and YouTube video showing you exactly how to measure your dog’s feet for the right size of boots. 
  • When they say all terrain they mean all terrain. Rocky roads, sandy beaches and wet puddles approved.

Additional Information

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Australia Wide
Black, Lilac, Pink, Green, Yellow, Red, Brown, Orange
From A to E

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