Nature’s Loo

Real Grass Dog Toilet

Real Grass Dog Toilet

Product Description

Nature’s Loo Real Grass dog toilet is a natural solution that works for dogs of all ages, from young pups just starting to potty train to elderly dogs who are immobile or incontinent. Ideal for situations if you live in an apartment or accommodation with limited access to outside, you are puppy training, or have a dog with mobility issues and other scenarios where regular relief walks for your pet can become too challenging. The actual glass box toilet comes in a recyclable cardboard box that makes it easy to order a new patch of grass and dispose of it fast and effectively. 

What we liked Nature’s Loo Real Grass Toilet

  • So affordable for something so real and practical with the added subscription option helping you to save even more money each time. 
  • The grass is home grown! The grass is grown and taken from Hawkesbury Valley farm and delivered fresh to your door. 
  • This real grass is environmentally friendly and easy to dispose of while supporting the earth and your dog’s business. 

Additional Information

Delivers To
Australia Wide
Cardboard Green
Single, Twin

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