Product Description

With the Pet Loo, you and your pet can live a cleaner, more convenient life, free from soiled carpeting, and late-night toilet runs.  The Pet Loo can be used indoors or outdoors, on a patio, in an apartment, or even brought on vacation because it is portable. The Pet Loo’s fake grass is placed onto the Pet Loo base and then secured in place with grass clips. The liquids from your dog’s business seep into the Pee Pod through the grass. The Pee Pod can hold up to 2 litres of pee meaning you don’t need to change it as frequently.  

What we liked about the Ready Pet Go Pet Loo 

  • The sturdy plastic foundation of the pet toilet supports your pet’s weight firmly. The Pet Loo’s Pee Pod collects your pet’s urine easily thanks to the angled grooves.
  • The Pet Loo is portable meaning you can move it and take it with you if you go for a weekend away.

Additional Information

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