Product Description

Made of high-quality resin wicker, Porch Potty boasts a distinctive self-draining design with added sprinkler system to clean up after your dog has peed. When the weather changes or on days when you can’t walk your dog outside to relieve themselves, it’s perfect. It’s also great if you live in an apartment or have a balcony area for your dog. Cleaning is easy thanks to its unique self-draining system. To keep the grass on Porch Potty from becoming messy or smelling bad, it just has to be rinsed with water every few days.

What we liked about Porch Potty 

  • The added extras you can purchase to accompany the Porch Potty. For example you can get a pee splash back pee panel, a ramp to help your dog up and even a canopy to protect the Porch Potty from the weather if it’s placed outside. 
  • The Porch Potty has pop up sprinklers just like if your dog was outside doing its business on the grass to clean away any pee and get rid of odours. 
  • The red fire hydrant that is included with the Porch Potty that releases a fragrance that helps make your dog’s aim a little better when doing its business. 

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