Water-Resistant Neoprene Dog Shoes

Water-Resistant Neoprene Dog Shoes


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Product Description

Established in 2011, Fashion Houndz is an Australian enterprise owned by a family with a strong love for animals and fashion. Their goal is to provide their clients with useful, reasonably priced goods that don’t skimp on style and their waterproof shoes don’t disappoint. 

Their shoes consist of four water-resistant neoprene dog shoes in blue and black and red and black, with black binding around the edges. These dog shoes have sturdy rubber soles that prevent skidding meaning your dog can play in the snow, rain or mud. 

These dog boots have a wide front opening that makes them easy to fit with a V-shaped design with Velcro fastening to fit almost every size of paw but not recommended for breeds that have long nails like a greyhound. To keep each dog shoe firmly on your dog’s leg, two more ankle straps wrap around the leg.

Over time, the neoprene material will conform to the contours of the dog’s paws, resulting in an initially snug fit. Which means that the shoes are made especially for your furry friend. Only four sizes are available from XS to L so please measure your dog’s paws to check the sizing guide. 

A truly multi purpose dog shoe that can help with injury healing so you can rest easy knowing that your pup is on the mend. 

Additional Information

Delivers To
Australia Wide
Blue/Black, Red/Black
From XS to L

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