Product Description

With the luxurious Barney Bed, your dog will experience the best sleep. The memory foam interior means that it will comfort and support your dog’s bones as well as giving them a good night’s sleep. The bed is fully assembled so your pet may use it right away. Your dog will be in heaven with five sizes that fit all breeds. A neutral grey, soft yet durable microfibre cover is included with every bed which is a complementing colour for any room.

What we liked about Barney Bed’s Beds

  • The hidden zipper for a flawless design. Taking off the cover is easy and the cover is machine washable meaning a clean and fresh smelling bed for your dog is achievable. 
  • The bed comes already assembled! No flat pack or reading instructions for you! Ready to use as soon as it’s delivered. 
  • Scratch friendly microfiber cover means that your dog can dig for gold and the bed won’t be ruined.


What our guest reviewer, Bean the Beagle likes about the Barney Bed


Reviewer: Bean

Breed: Beagle cross

Age: 2.5 Years

Location: Sydney, Australia

Product: Barney Bed Large

Barney Bed Pros

  • The Barney Bed is extremely comfortable and is the first bed that Bean has really ever used, a testament to the high quality materials and memory foam.
  • The bed is designed to support your dog and Bean loves the fact it is good for joints.
  • Beans’ parents really like the design, especially the raised edges that give Bean somewhere to rest his head while snoozing.

Barney Bed Cons

  • The large bed is really quite big, it takes up a lot of room in the house.
  • The price is a premium, you pay for what you get however it’s a reasonable risk without knowing if your dog will use it. Luckily Bean is more than happy to sleep on it daily.
  • The removable cover is great so you can easily wash the bed however it can be a bit hard to put it back on after washing.

Bean’s Final Verdict

  • Price – 2/5
  • Quality – 5/5
  • Functionality – 5/5

Overall Score – 5/5

“It’s worth the money if you’re questioning it, the Barney Bed’s high quality means it’s long lasting and you will get your value’s worth in investing in one. Aside from the quality, the design reduces the risk of it being chewed. The reviewer’s dog Bean has a habit of chewing and tearing apart his beds a lot but so far he hasn’t tried to chew his Barney Bed.


Additional Information

Delivers To
Australia Wide, NZ
From S to XXL
Luxury, Orthopedic, Memory Foam

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