Product Description

Made with aircraft grade aluminium frame which is virtually chew proof supported by a breathable mesh makes up the Chew Proof bed. The mesh is ideal for Australia as it is so breathable and cooling. The construction and shape of this made also provide orthopaedic support as it helps to distribute the weight of your dog effectively giving them a comfortable night’s sleep. Chew Proof are also the chosen supplier of dog beds to the RSPCA Queensland because of their comfort, low care requirements, and toughness so they must be good!

What we liked about the chew proof dog bed

  • How easy it is to put together. It takes literally 2 mins to put the frame together and then it’s ready for your dog to sleep on. 
  • The 12 month warranty. They truly believe in their product so much that if your dog has the teeth of ‘Jaws’ and manages to chew through the mat they will replace it.
  • This bed is suitable for both indoors and outdoors.

Additional Information

Delivers To
Australia Wide, NZ
From S to XL
Outdoor, Chew Proof

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