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Zee Dog Hands Free Leash

Zee Dog Hands Free Leash

Product Description

Bring your dog for a stroll while staying linked with Zee Dog’s Hands-Free Leash. This reflective edition of the popular Hands-Free Leash can be wrapped around your waist or draped across your body with ease by adjusting the slider. In contrast to typical reflective leashes, the hands free leash from Zee Dog incorporates reflective material throughout its length and around the entire leash, enhancing safety during nighttime walks. Offering excellent control, this hands-free leash is appropriate for dogs of any size.

What We Like About Zee Dog’s Hands Free Leash

  • That you can change the lead into three different styles. You can adapt the lead to go around the waist, over your shoulder or into a long hand held lead.
  • The E-Zee lock system they have built on the lead. It is an¬†easily adjustable fastening system that enables you to secure the leash at any desired point without the need to release your dog.
  • The range of different colours available means you can choose a lead that matches your style and your dog’s.

Additional Information

Delivers To
Australia Wide
Gravity, Glo, Neon Coral, Vanilla, Deep Blue, Gotham, Army Green, Nox

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