Sass Hound

Sass Hound Hands Free Dog Lead

Sass Hound Hands Free Dog Lead

Product Description

The exclusive range of Australian-crafted and artistically designed hands-free Dog Leads from Sass Hound are tailored to complement every aspect of your furry companion’s attire. Each lead is thoughtfully paired with a complete set that includes matching collars and harnesses, creating a harmonious and stylish ensemble for your beloved pup. Constructed from premium breathable materials, these leads prioritize your pup’s comfort while ensuring a fashionable appearance. The hardware utilized in the production of these leads is comprised of robust, heavy-duty marine-grade metal, adding a touch of durability and reliability to your dog-walking experience.

What We Liked About Sass Hound’s Hands Free Dog Lead

  • The wide variety of colours and fabric options. There are over 40 different designs and colours that you can choose from.
  • You can choose from different hardware (think buckles, clips etc). Meaning that you can choose a hardware that matches the fabric and design you have chosen.

Additional Information

Delivers To
Australia Wide
Pink Corduroy, Musk Velvet, Blush Velvet, Strawberry Gingham, Prada, Lavender, Lilac Velvet, Peach, Florida etc.
Gold, Silver, Rose Gold

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