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Surf Dog Australia

Surf Dog Australia Life Jacket

Surf Dog Australia Life Jacket

Product Description

This exclusive design of the Surf Dog Australia’s Life Jacket stands out as a fully enclosed life jacket tailored for both dogs and cats. Drawing from expertise in crafting whitewater gear, the goal from Surf Dog Australia was to create a life jacket for dogs that meets human-grade standards. Distinctively lacking shark fins, glitter, or any other crazy design, this life jacket is only concerned about an ergonomic fit, balanced buoyancy, and a secure lifting harness over any unnecessary embellishments.

What We Liked About Surf Dog Australia’s Life Jacket

  • The flotation in the under-chest panel strategically supports the weightier shoulder area, aiding in keeping the head higher above water for added safety.
  • The panels on the life jacket use different densities of foam to best balance flotation and reduce bulkiness, making gliding through the water easier.
  • They have designed life jackets for cats too!

Additional Information

Delivers To
Australia Wide
Purple, Red, Blue, Yellow
Cats, XS, S, M, SMWide, MedWide, L, XL

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