Salty Dog

Salty Dog Life Jacket

Salty Dog Life Jacket

Product Description

The streamlined and ergonomic design of this Salty Dog life jacket ensures a natural swimming position, strategically placing foam panels for optimal fit for your dog. Enhanced buoyancy is achieved through the even distribution of flotation, extending foam under the dog’s chest. The neck closure features a triple-point safety system with straps, buckle, and Velcro for added peace of mind when securing your dog to go into the water.

What We Liked About Salty Dog’s Dog Life Jacket

  • The life jacket can be worn in low‐light visibility scenarios due to the reflective trim that runs around the jacket.
  • The D-ring feature which makes it easy to attach a safety light, leash or poop bag dispenser onto your dog’s jacket.

Additional Information

Delivers To
Australia Wide
Sunshine Yellow, Fiesta Pink, Malibu Orange, Bombora Blue, Caribbean Green
2XS, XS, S, M, L, XL

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