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EzyDog Doggy Floatation Device

EzyDog Doggy Floatation Device

Product Description

Employing cutting-edge manufacturing techniques and utilizing top-tier materials, EzyDog continues to redefine standards in canine products with the Doggy Floatation Device. The Ultra-Buoyancy Foam used in the floatation is strategically positioned within the vest to maintain your dog’s natural swimming position. The vest allows unrestricted movement, ensuring ease of fastening and removal.

What We Liked About EzyDog’s Doggy Floatation Device

  • The robust nylon D-ring for secure dog transportation means you can easily attach your lead to the floatation device for extra security when your dog is near or in the water.
  • The floatation device has padded chest straps to stop the straps from rubbing on your dog’s chest while in the water.

Additional Information

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Australia Wide
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