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Genuine Leather Collar

Genuine Leather Collar

Product Description

Their authentic custom leather dog collars provide a classic design along with tasteful, well-crafted craftsmanship. This collar is made entirely of real leather and is luxuriously polished. For an extra special touch, it also comes with free laser engraving. 

Although there are many other kinds and colors of real leather collars available on their website, this particular collar is only available in brown. Some are studded or ornamental, while others feature block patterns. Depending on the sort of leather collar you choose, they also offer different sizes.

Due to the sturdiness of the material these collars are perfect for every weather and every dog. Tried and tested on the beach they can withstand the waves and sand with just a quick wash down with a cloth they look new.

Additional Information

Delivers To
Australia Wide
Engraving 1 line, Engraving 2 lines
From S to L

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