The Pampered Pet

Vibrant Collars with Personalised Engraved Buckle

Vibrant Collars with Personalised Engraved Buckle

Product Description

If you are looking for some added flare to your dogs collar and are sick of the standard block colours? The Pampered Pet collars are the way to go. They have some amazing tropical and floral prints and some bright colours available to choose from. They look perfect on dogs with fur that are just one block colour because they stand out so much. 

The clasp can be customised with the name and phone number of your choice laser engraved on it. Made of sturdy nylon for a long-lasting fit with a metal pivot, which makes it simple to tighten and loosen the collar. 

They also have matching leashes available if you want to carry on the theme and have your furry friend look stylish and stand out wherever they go.

Additional Information

Delivers To
Australia Wide
Name, Phone Number
From S to L
Beige, Blue, Pink

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