ID Pet

Personalised Pet Harness

Personalised Pet Harness

Product Description

The ID Pet Personalised Pet Harness comes with a variety of vibrant patterns and prints for your dog. The harness has fully adjustable straps, a d-ring to connect to a leash, and interchangeable, fully customizable chest pieces so you can personalise your dog’s name or your phone number. Their sizing guide comes with dog breeds that each harness size would fit and also detailed explanations of how to measure your dog correctly to get the right size fitting harness. 

What we liked about ID Pet’s Personalised Pet Harness

  • So much variety! From comic books, donut sprinkles, to abstract prints there’s a harness design that everyone will like. 
  • Not just for dogs, their XXS sizes fit cats too. 
  • Made from neoprene/polyester, reflective and inner mesh material meaning breathability for your dog. 

Additional Information

Delivers To
Australia Wide
Name, Phone Number
Fruit, Dogs, Rainbow, Comic book, Ice creams, Moon and Stars, Flowers, Tropical Prints, etc.

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