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Product Description

Don’t be put off by the name Ugly Box it’s what’s inside the box that counts rather than if the box is pretty enough. Ugly believe that the money saved on the exterior of the box should go on the amazing treats and toys inside the subscription.  There are many different types of Ugly boxes available to choose from. You can customise your box based on your dog’s size and allergy preferences. They never deliver duplicate toys, so your dog won’t get bored and there s a guarantee that every monthly package will be unique.

What we liked about Ugly Box Subscription Boxes

  • The boxes are 100% recyclable and biodegradable. Giving you peace of mind that you are doing something good for your dog and the environment. 
  • They have themed boxes throughout the year. If you are wanting to give your furry friend some love on Valentine’s day or give them some spooktacular treats around Halloween they have you covered.

Additional Information

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Australia Wide
Box Options
Classic, Toy Only, Treat Only, No Plush
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