Indie Boho

Indie Boho’s Dog Car Booster Seat

Indie Boho’s Dog Car Booster Seat

Product Description

With the car booster seats from Indie Boho, you can make your furry friend’s car travels more enjoyable. By providing your dog with additional height to view out the window, these single seats can help lessen anxiety and travel sickness. Indie Boho has also created a three-point safety system that uses your dog’s built-in tether, the headrest, and the vehicle seat belt to secure the booster. 

What we liked about Indie Boho’s Dog Car Booster Seat

  • All of the fabulous designs available for the seats and the amazing names of each of the styles. We love the Noosa nights style. 
  • The shape and wedge of the booster seat is compatible with so many different cars. 
  • If you love a particular style of booster seat you can also order beds, towels and mats in the same design.

Additional Information

Delivers To
Australia Wide
Single, Double
Tropical leaves, Byron surf, Noosa nights, Leopard luxe, Daydream shell, Native flora

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